This week, Kayleigh Dray reveals three new titles to add to your watchlist, as well as a cribsheet to Bridgerton part 2, while Helen Bownass shares the Channel 4 thriller she cannot get enough of…

Presumed Innocent

Based on the New York Times bestselling novel of the same name, this gripping series sees one of the Chicago prosecuting attorney’s office accused of a horrific murder. Will he be able to clear his name, let alone hold his family and marriage together? Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Negga star. Wednesday 12 June; Apple TV+

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Inside Out 2

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster, as the much-anticipated sequel to Inside Out takes us back inside the mind of Riley. There, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust are forced to share the controls at HQ when the newly minted Anxiety (voiced by Stranger Things star Maya Hawke) shows up. And it looks like she’s not alone… Friday 14 June; UK cinemas

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Miss Night And Day

This delightfully chaotic K-drama follows a woman who magically switches from her 20s to her 50s whenever the sun rises. Cue her seizing the opportunity to apply for a senior internship at the prosecution service – and forging a complicated relationship with her workaholic boss in the process. Apink’s Jung Eun-ji stars. Saturday 15 June; Netflix

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... Bridgerton, Bridgerton and only Bridgerton

“Finally, the TV gods are about to bless us with the second chapter of Bridgerton’s third season,” says Kayleigh. “But what can we expect from Polin’s love story – especially as the show has already deviated from the events laid out in Julia Quinn’s novel, Romancing Mr Bridgerton?

“To help us prepare, here are three things we’ve learned from the series so far – and the three questions we still need the answers to, ASAP…”

Penelope’s sisters are hellbent on securing a male heir to the Featherington fortune

Ever since they got married, Penelope’s sisters have treated her like a second-class citizen, and since learning that the first in the family to produce a male heir will inherit everything, they’ve thrown their all into a) getting pregnant and b) heavily hinting that they will make Pen’s life absolute hell once they’ve done so. By the end of the first part of season three, both Philippa and Prudence appeared to be experiencing symptoms of early pregnancy. Will either prove to be pregnant with a son, though?

… so how will they react to Polin’s engagement?

Philippa and Prudence always assumed that Penelope wasn’t in the running for the family fortune, so how will they react when they learn that their sister isn’t just engaged, she’s also set to marry one of the Bridgerton brothers? 

There’s more to Cressida than meets the eye

Cressida Cowper has, up until this third season, always been Bridgerton’s mean girl, but through her unexpected friendship with Eloise, we learn there’s more to her villainy than meets the eye. She is, after all, another third-year debutant, terrified into playing dirty by her parents’ insistence she find a husband or be married off to one of her father’s elderly friends. She wants and needs out, by any means possible, so is it really a surprise that she seizes power by disparaging others? 

… but will her fate as a villain be cemented come part 2?

Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted a key detail in the trailer (no spoilers here) that confirms Cressida will play an important role in the unmasking of Lady Whistledown, and while it seems events are set to play out differently to the book, it’s worth noting that Cressida has already hinted she has a penchant for blackmail. Still, could it be that this extra layer of tension and conflict is what prompts Eloise to ditch Cress and reconcile with her future sister-in-law Penelope? The former best friends surely have to make up before too long…

Colin and Penelope are endgame

Look, it’s Bridgerton, and if there’s one thing I know about Bridgerton, it’s this: our central couples may be tested to their limits and have to navigate obstacles aplenty, but they always get their happy ever after in the end. Sure, Colin and Penelope’s engagement may have come swiftly, but there will absolutely be an ‘I do’ before the final credits roll on season three’s second chapter. There will also be steamy sex scenes aplenty if that carriage encounter is anything to go by – especially as the trailer has teased the book’s standout mirror fantasy in a very big way.

… but how will he react to the news his beloved is Lady Whistledown?

In the books, Colin doesn’t really care about Lady Whistledown’s identity; in the show, however, he has a personal vendetta against the anonymous writer. So there’s no way that he’s going to be chill about any of this when Lady Whistledown is unveiled as the woman he loves  – although I suspect that the duo’s shared passion for writing may eventually deepen their bond… if they can get past that initial speed bump, of course.

With all of the above to look forward to – not to mention a closer look at Francesca, Benedict and Violet’s respective budding romances – you’d best believe I won’t be leaving the house when the new run of episodes drops. Watch Bridgerton season 3, part 2 on Netflix from Thursday 13 June

... The Gathering is a dark and thrilling look at teenage life

“From Skins to Euphoria, a high bar has been set for gritty contemporary dramas that chart the complexity of teenage life. So I wasn’t sure what recent Channel 4 drama The Gathering would offer to set it apart. But the thriller about the attack on a young teenage girl at a rave in Merseyside was surprisingly distinct and alive. It had me staying up far too late on a work night (my own teenage self would be proud).

“Told both in the present day and through a series of flashbacks, it centres on two elite gymnasts, Kelly (Eva Morgan) and Jessica (Sadie Soverall), who come from two different worlds – close friends but in deep competition. At the beginning of the six-part series, we learn that Kelly has been brutally assaulted, with each subsequent episode coming from a different protagonist who could have potentially been the perpetrator. 

“But it’s more than just a crime to be solved. The show also takes on big themes like toxic parenting, drugs, mental health, grief and class – while the thing that really stayed with me after watching was how rare and powerful it is to hear young working-class voices from Liverpool (or anywhere in the north, generally) on screen.” Watch on Channel 4 now

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