Why your magnesium supplement could be delaying your period (and why it might not be a bad thing)
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“I tried 5 ways to curb sugar cravings and stabilise my energy levels – here’s what worked”

Scroll through any online wellness space these days, and one topic comes up time and time again: sugar. From top tips for preventing blood sugar spikes to conversations about cutting out sugar altogether, it feels as if sugar has become the latest target of health perfectionism. 

With all the noise, Strong Women’s senior writer Lauren has been struggling to work out how she might improve her own relationship with the sweet stuff without falling prey to diet culture. So, with the help of a dietitian, she’s been putting five expert-backed techniques for reducing sugar cravings to the test. Here’s what worked.

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4 of the best foods to eat for good gut health this summer, according to an expert
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With Wimbledon a couple of weeks away, start getting into the all-white mood by giving your kit a tenniscore upgrade. 
On Running / £150
Named The Roger, this lightweight pair of multipurpose tennis shoes uses CloudTec for plenty of bounce
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Alo Yoga / £25
Whether you’re an all-year-round leggings lover or a summer shorts fan, a good pair of crisp white socks is a kit essential
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Bose / £299.95
With 7.5 hours of play time, these water-resistant earbuds are perfect for keeping you motivated during sweaty summer runs
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Free People / £258
Got a game scheduled for 5pm? This lightweight, quilted duffel bag has an insulated pocket big enough to hold two rackets
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Lululemon / £35
Protect your head and face against the sun’s harsh rays, whether you’re playing tennis, heading for a walk or going on a run
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Tory Burch / £275
Invest in a really good tennis dress and it’ll last years. This Tory Burch number has a built-in bra, leg slit and racerback for cool serves
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“I tried a 60-minute yogic sleep session – here’s why I’ll definitely be going back”
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3 delicious dressings to spice up your salad game, from lunch experts The Salad Project
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Bianca Bustamante is an F1 Academy Driver for McLaren and the first female driver to be signed to the team’s Driver Development Programme. She’s currently working with Optimum Nutrition – the official sports nutrition partner of McLaren Racing.

I’m a lot smaller than most drivers… weighing around 50-52kg. That means it’s very physically tough for me to even hold myself in the car without lifting off the seat. When you’re fighting through all that G-force, having more weight allows you to sit there – the G-force won’t sway you back and forth. I’ve had to train hard to build up strength to make up for my natural body size.

My training regime involves… hitting the gym every day. Because I’m smaller than most drivers, I have to make sure I’m very lean and strong internally to handle the car. We have training camps pre-, post- and midseason too in Annecy, France, and that involves doing weightlifting and cardio seven days a week, as well as mental stuff like co-ordination and reaction times. When you’re driving a car, you use muscles you don’t normally use: you need strong finger muscles and good wrist flexibility, for example, to handle a car well and make the fine adjustments that win you a race.

Before a big race, you’ll find me… bouncing around! I’m quite energetic and struggle to sit still, so people think I’m constantly nervous, when usually, I’m just really excited. When I’m by the track, I’m just happy to be there – it’s such an honour to be wearing the McLaren T-shirt in my car. I’m trying to make the most of it.

To fuel ahead of a race… I eat as much as I possibly can. You want to build your body up before the race breaks it down, so I always make sure that I’m well hydrated and take on lots of salts and magnesium so I don’t get cramps during the race. I’ll have a good meal and some protein bars just before the race starts.

My recovery routine involves… more eating! Having a meal soon after finishing is important because we burn a lot of calories during a race due to how hot the cockpit gets, so it’s important to refuel and give your body what it needs. Taking care of my mind is also important, so I give myself time to decompress and stay grounded – no matter what the race’s result was. There’s always another and I need to stay focused.

6 nervous system regulation techniques to relieve anxiety (that have nothing to do with meditation)
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This is what happens to your brain in back-to-back meetings, according to a clinical psychologist
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Forget meal deals – these easy buckwheat wraps are filling, delicious and ready in minutes

There’s nothing wrong with a high street office lunch, but if you’re trying to keep an eye on unnecessary spending or want to make sure you’re packing in as much fibre and goodness as possible during the day, then meal-prepping is the way to go. But that doesn’t have to mean sad salads or uninspiring leftovers – as these buckwheat wraps prove.

Buckwheat is a pseudocereal (a non-grass plant producing fruits or seeds consumed like cereal grains) that’s high in heart-healthy nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium and fibre. It’s also packed with minerals including manganese, copper, iron and phosphorus. Ready in minutes, these wraps are simple to throw together, easily transportable and infinitely customisable. Add a hot sauce to spice things up, try different vegetables or add some smoked tofu to up the protein content. So you can skip the midday supermarket run.

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