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Super-quick, expert-backed ways to counteract the health effects of sitting down all day

What with desk jobs, TV time and commuting, many of us sit for nine hours a day or more. And as you probably already know, this isn’t good for our health. Dealing with the effects of sedentary lifestyles is estimated to cost the NHS around £700 million a year, while people who spend most of the day sitting down are thought to be at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, even if you meet the recommended daily and weekly levels of physical activity, you might still be what experts call an ‘active couch potato’ (meaning you’re still at risk of chronic disease). But in brighter news, research suggests that every bit of exercise helps, and moving for just 21 minutes more each day can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. So with that in mind, we asked the experts for their desk-busting tips to help us all live a little better…

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When a dry, bright morning comes around, make the most of it. These running sunglasses will protect your eyes and elevate your look right through to autumn
Goodr / £30
Mirrored lenses reduce glare *and* hide half of your face (which can be appealing after a particularly hard workout)
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Adidas / £180
Too cool to only wear when running, these shades are designed for competition. Have them ready for your next half marathon…
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Rapha / £150
With a military-grade, anti-fogging, anti-scratch finish, Rapha glasses have been put through their paces by countless cyclists and runners
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Alo Yoga / £155
This beautiful pair boasts a wraparound frame, rubberised nose pad and anti-fog lenses – all key elements for jog-proof vision
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Nike / £64.99
Ultra-lightweight and durable, these tinted Nike sunnies are designed to stay firmly in place no matter how far or fast you run
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SunGod / £140
Sustainable UK brand Sungod uses advanced lens tech to create sports glasses that offer maximum optical clarity in all weathers
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Siddrah Aslam is the founder and director of ClimbMuz, a community for Muslim women and people of colour to explore the wonderful world of climbing.

I really want to change my morning routine… because, at the moment, my day begins the same as most people’s – by looking at my phone. Once I’m out of bed, I run through a couple of basic mobility exercises. 

Breakfast is simple… and usually involves Weetabix with chia seeds or toast with two scrambled eggs. It’s all about starting the day with a good dose of protein and energy-giving carbs. Both chia and eggs also contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for brain health, hormones and inflammation.

Climbing involves way more equipment than you might think… so my kit bag is usually jam-packed. I always bring my own chalk bag, harness, climbing rope, belay and Edelrid ohm (devices for controlling rope speed). I also tend to have two pairs of shoes with me – one for warming up and the other for more serious climbs.

I love the social aspect of climbing… and the sport has enabled me to meet different people from diverse backgrounds. People think it’s all about brute strength, but climbing is more of a logical puzzle. 

When I’m not scaling a mountain or climbing a wall, I’m… learning how to swim. I also make an active effort to walk as much as I can, and I try to incorporate a couple of strength training and mobility sessions into my week where possible. 

At the end of a long, tiring day… I just want to switch off at home. I don’t have a fancy wellness routine; instead, I love nothing more than watching Neighbours and spending time with my parents.

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Boost your post-workout protein intake with this creamy tomato, spinach and feta pasta salad

Looking for a failsafe midweek meal that’s balanced, speedy and delicious – especially after a workout? This tomato, spinach and feta pasta salad by registered nutritionist Emily English is just the recipe for you. Ready in 15 minutes, it’s as good to eat on the sofa as it is a forward-prepped packed lunch for the office. In fact, if you cook it up and take the leftovers to work, you’ll be boosting its gut health benefits.

“Cooking and cooling pasta can increase its resistant starch content, which acts as a prebiotic,” explains English. “This will feed those all-important beneficial bacteria in the gut. For maximum resistant starch content, allow the cooked pasta to cool completely before assembling the salad. If you want to up the protein content further, feel free to add your favourite protein, such as grilled chicken, shrimp or tofu to make this salad more filling and nutritious.”

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