The best snacks for pre- and post-workout, whether you’re running or strength training
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“Did coming off birth control make me end my long-term relationship?”

In December 2021, writer Sophie Cockerham had her third and final contraceptive implant removed. A month later, she ended her almost seven-year relationship. Coincidence? Well… maybe not. Sophie’s been talking to a number of women with almost identical stories: happily co-existing in a long-term relationship until deciding to come off hormonal contraception. Almost overnight, it seems, the scales fall from their eyes.

To find out more about how hormones might influence who we find attractive, Sophie spoke to psychologists and neuroscientists for their take on what we’re calling Hormonal Breakup Theory. 

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3 savoury, autumnal apple recipes that are perfect for midweek lunches
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Can you really train yourself happy – and are some forms of exercise better than others?
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Keep your digits warm whether you’re running, walking or cycling in the chilly autumn air…
Sealskinz / £27
Don’t let rain put you off getting in the miles - these gloves use nano fleece tech to create a properly waterproof surface
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Lululemon / £38
The wool-blend fabric contains merino wool, which is naturally thermoregulating and soft against wind-bitten skin
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Sweaty Betty / £45
Whether you’re grabbing a coffee on the go or heading on a long walk, these fluffy fleece mittens will do the job
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Arc'teryx / £30
Anti-slip grip and touchscreen friendly, these gloves have a mitten hood for those freezing early morning runs
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Proviz Sports / £19.99
One for the early morning/evening joggers out there – this hot pink, lightweight pair has reflective logos
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SAYSKY / £40
Don’t worry about your hands overheating – this pair allows moisture vapour to escape, regulating temperature
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3 wellness experts share their advice on how to prevent SAD this autumn
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Dr Kerry Aston is a consultant rheumatologist, functional medicine expert and founder of The Movement Medic, a platform that helps people to optimise their health, performance and longevity.  

My morning is all about… setting a positive tone for the day. I make a conscious effort to avoid using my phone or scrolling through social media for the first hour after waking up. I find that social media can sometimes be stressful and I prefer to keep that out of my early morning mindset.

I like to eat my breakfast… within 30 minutes of getting up. If I’m not in the mood for a full meal or I’m in a rush, I’ll opt for a smoothie with protein, almond butter, oats and spinach. When I have more time, I might go for overnight oats or even whip up an omelette with spinach, chorizo and sourdough.

Staying fit… is a priority for me. I love running and it’s a regular part of my fitness routine. Strength training is also crucial and I aim for at least three sessions per week. I’m taking on my first Hyrox competition in a few weeks, which is a mix of running intervals and functional-type workouts. I’m looking forward to the challenge!

I try to stay injury-free… by ensuring injury prevention is a significant part of my exercise routine. My strength training is tailored to complement my running and ensure the right muscle groups are strong. I also focus on addressing any muscle asymmetries to prevent imbalances that could lead to injuries. Proper recovery is also key, so I prioritise sleep and proper fuelling. It’s when these aspects are not in check that I tend to get injured, so I make sure to listen to my body and back off when needed.

In my gym bag, you’ll always find… plenty of snacks. To ensure my body stays fuelled throughout the day, I always come prepared: you’ll often find bags of dried fruit and nut bars in my bag. If I’m out for work, I make sure I have a packed lunch with me, and when I head to the gym I bring along some extra protein so I can refuel after a workout. My philosophy revolves around sustainability rather than short-lived diets or fads, so I opt for a lifestyle that I can maintain in the long run. It may not sound particularly exciting, but I find that having three balanced meals with regular snacks is both practical and sustainable.  

Can’t stop tossing and turning at night? This is why your hormones could be to blame
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Boost your fibre intake with this delicious chermoula cauliflower galette centrepiece

Galettes are one of those pastry dishes you might order in a restaurant but probably never dream of making at home. They’re absolutely delicious (a semi-open pie with an intense filling – yes, please) but look ever so complicated to put together. This recipe, however, couldn’t be more simple. It’s a celebration of cauliflower – which is drenched in a zesty Middle Eastern marinade of herbs and spices before getting encased in pastry.

Cauliflower has a whole host of benefits to offer. It’s rich in vitamin C, folate and vitamin K, as well as being high in fibre. It’s also full of antioxidants, which protect your cells from inflammation and harmful free radicals. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s got a lot of choline – an essential nutrient that many people don’t consume enough of and one which plays a variety of important roles in the body, from maintaining the integrity of cell membranes to supporting metabolism and preventing cholesterol from accumulating in the liver. And one cup of cauliflower contains 44mg of choline – around 10% of the recommended daily amount for women – all the reason you need to add this galette to your to-make list.

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