If you’re a fan of Yinka Ilori and Camille Walala’s colourful art, add Lakwena to your must-see list

With the days getting shorter and darker – but with the promise of festive lights still just out of sight – there’s one person who’s on a mission to inject rainbow-bright colour into the capital. London-based artist Lakwena Mciver is fast becoming as revered as fellow artists Yinka Ilori and Camille Walala thanks to her graphic urban artworks that typically feature messages of joy and empowerment (her name means ‘messenger’ in the Acholi language of northern Uganda). The 35-year-old has undertaken public art commissions in international cities for over a decade, but in recent months, London has been graced with numerous installations – from street flags in Covent Garden over summer to last weekend’s I’ll Bring You Flowers, a collection of 20 basketball paintings exhibited in the courtyard of Somerset House.

Then there’s the no mean feat of having just transformed the rooftop of London’s Temple station. A tonic for grey skies and bland buildings, Back in the Air: A Meditation on Higher Ground (open until 30 April 2022) makes use of the station’s little-known half-acre roof terrace. Her signature joy-inducing palette and geometric forms create an expansive and immersive floorscape that you’ll no doubt see splashed all over your Instagram feed. Next, she’s taking on fashion. Dropping 21 November, her capsule collection with Fiorucci will feature eye-popping patterns splashed on denim jackets, jeans, T-shirts and even velvet flares, adding a psychedelic feel to the iconic 70s brand. Here’s hoping homeware is next… 

3 products to nourish your scalp as well as your hair
Washing our hair is something that’s enshrined in our routine. But when it comes to our scalp it’s just kind of…there? Keeping your scalp in good nick is just as important as your hair and regular skincare routine, though. Thankfully Vichy’s Dercos range is here to help. Here are three products to add to your basket…
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You’re Going To Love: Sippers
In the latest of our series focusing on up-and-coming independent brands with female and non-binary founders, allow us to introduce you to Sippers

What is it? Launched in September, Sippers is a new online destination to discover premium no- or low-alcoholic wine, beer, spirits and mixers. 

Who’s behind it? Sussex-based New Zealander Talia Broederlow, who was advised to stop drinking alcohol after contracting a serious case of dengue fever in Sri Lanka earlier this year. When she switched to non-alcoholic alternatives, she realised that many brands remained unknown or hard to access, despite the wide range now available. 

Why you’ll love it: Going strong through Sober October, or thinking about consciously cutting down on booze in the lead-up to the festive season? Sippers showcases high-quality ‘no and low’ alternatives to your favourite drinks – without the judgement. “We’re not preachy about the need to cut out booze altogether,” Talia tells Stylist Loves. “There’s an increasing amount of mindful drinkers who want to drink a little less because they’re training for a marathon or can’t face a hangover the following day.” With all brands hand-selected by Talia, you’ll recognise British labels such as Sipsmith and Lucky Saint, but can also expect to discover smaller brands offering everything from organic sparkling rosé to pre-mixed cocktails. We’re particularly intrigued by SpritzISH (£8.99 for four 250ml cans) by Denmark’s ISH Spirits and the delightfully named NEIPA The Cosmic Turtle New England IPA (£2.70 for 440ml) from Somerset-based Lowtide Brewing Company. Dry January, we’re ready for you…


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